From Public Food Sorting Days during our annual drives, to coming in when you have some extra time to dedicate to volunteering, many opportunities exist to help Flemingdon Food Bank support its member clients. All volunteers must be scheduled in advance so please take a look at our current and on-going volunteer opportunities and get in touch!
Group Volunteer Opportunities
School Groups
Teachers can book their students for a Tuesday or Thursday morning (10 AM to noon) or afternoon (12:30 PM to 1 PM), with an optional tour. Just call us first.

Community Groups
Other groups of adults often come in for volunteer experiences between Monday and Friday. As with corporate groups, we ask that all community groups sign up for a morning (9:30 am – 1 pm), afternoon (1-4 pm), or full-day (9:30 am – 4 pm) shift. All volunteers must be scheduled in advance.

About us

The Flemingdon Community Food Bank is a food bank operating in Toronto, serving the high-needs neighbourhood of Flemingdon Park, one of the most densely populated areas in the city. Flemingdon Park was conceived in the 1950’s as an “Apartment City”, but it is now one of the most troubled neighbourhoods in the city: roughly 34% of the residents are living below the poverty line, and 70% are immigrants.

The number of families helped by the bank has risen constantly in the last years: in 2012, the bank provided food to 1000 families every week, with 3800 families registered. Now the numbers are much higher: according to the latest statistics, the food bank provides 3000 pounds of food every week, feeding more than 1600 families each month. The actual number of families registered with the food bank is even higher, totalling 4700 families; most of them are composed of four to eight members, many of which are children. The bank also does around 100 home deliveries a month.

About us

The food bank is a member of the Daily Bread Food Bank, a charity organization that acts as a distribution hub, working with local food banks in order to provide them with food and supplies. It also relies on community donations, accepting both food items and monetary donations, which are put towards fixed expenses such as rent.

As of now, the food bank is run by a coalition of Muslim organisations and Christian Churches; in the past, it was run by the Anglican Ministry and, before that, by the Red Cross, that run the food bank for 25 years before leaving the community. For the last six years, the chair of the Flemingdon Community Food Bank has been Abdul Hai Patel, who hopes to continue and serve his community as long as possible.


Flemingdon Park Neighbourhood